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BDX Omaha's Complete Branding Solution: Elevate Your Brand Identity

Elevate your brand with BDX Omaha’s comprehensive branding package, designed to establish and enrich your brand’s identity for just $500. Our package offers a holistic approach to branding, providing you with 3-4 unique logo concepts to set the foundation of your brand’s visual identity. Alongside, you’ll receive a meticulously crafted Social Media Kit and Stationary Kit to ensure brand consistency across all platforms.

Our 25-page Brand Book, packed with guidelines, becomes your brand’s bible, offering clear directives on logo usage, a defined color palette, typography guidelines, and custom iconography to maintain brand coherence and integrity. With the inclusion of source files, you have full control over your brand assets.

BDX Omaha is committed to perfection, offering unlimited revisions to refine your chosen designs, ensuring your brand’s identity resonates with your vision. With a swift 4-day delivery for initial concepts, we’re dedicated to kickstarting your brand’s journey to prominence. Trust BDX Omaha to be the architect of your brand’s future, crafting an identity that stands out and resonates.

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3-4 Logo Concepts

Social Media Kit

Stationary Kit

Brand Book

BDX Branding Guide


It all sparks from a single thought. Perhaps you’re stoking the embers of a new enterprise, or seeking to forge your pastime into something grander. Maybe there’s a creative venture, itching to be unleashed upon the world. Regardless, the manner in which your tale is woven in the digital realm holds the power to shift the scales.

Craft your story with the bold strokes of a seasoned artisan, and watch your dreams take form in the heat of ambition. In the online arena, your narrative can be as imposing as a stone monument or as compelling as a well-aged scotch. Make your mark; the world awaits your bold endeavor.

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